Using their combined skills of psychotherapy, life coaching and motivational engagement, Faith and Lois want to work with your company to help transform your workplace. Their workshop addresses a myriad of issues and conflicts:

  • power struggles
  • mis-trust
  • control
  • identity
  • confidence levels
  • performance
  • competition

First they discover whatever unique situation your office requires, and then they put together a customized workshop. From experience, they know productivity grows when people are heard.

Whether it’s a few hours on premise or a half day away, they will work with your employees to provide the best outcome for your workplace.

Interactive Focus Workshops

  • Boost employee satisfaction
  • Offer employers important insights
  • Two experts in the room
  • Motivational based material

How We Work

  • Pre-event workplace survey
  • Customized motivational presentation
  • Follow-up survey
  • Before and after comparisons

The More to Life Difference

  • Data generated from the workshop
  • Hands on activities and takeaways
  • Build an engaging workplace
  • Connections for ongoing relationships

Employee Takeaway

  • Increase productivity
  • Create better workplace culture
  • Be passionate about their work
  • Increase retention rate
  • Know their voice has been heard

Transform Your Workplace


If you’re managing or operating a business, your desire is to have your employees performing at their absolute best.

We want to optimize your workplace to increase productivity and provide the ideal culture in which to thrive.

Please submit why you’d like to work with us and we’ll get back to you for a free consultation.


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