Process: The Word for August 21st

It’s a process…how many times have you said that?

A process is a series of actions or steps to achieve a particular result. It doesn’t happen all at once, thank goodness! Most everything we really want takes time.. to work with it, figure it out, sit with it, realize it. It’s a process.

Whether it’s with our changing bodies or a challenging relationship…we get to take steps that bring us closer to a desired result. Sometimes that demands that we stop resisting and face each situation with clarity and energy.

So enjoy whatever process it is you’re facing today. And know it’s a good thing!

Masterpiece: The Word for August 20th

When we hear the word masterpiece our thoughts turn to the paintings of Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso or other master artists.

But a masterpiece also means anything done with masterly skill or having a skill or excellence of any kind. This means that you hold within you a talent, unique gift or quality that is a masterpiece.

Do you know what this is? Or do you dismiss it as not being anything special or “good enough” to be called a masterpiece?

Seriously, look for the masterpiece that only you possess and release it. I can assure you that your masterpiece will influence and inspire others.  Don’t hide it, let it shine!

Magical: The Word for August 19th

Magical. What a beautiful word.

Magical moments remind me to slow down long enough to experience how breathtaking life is.

Summer is a great time for this, when you may have the opportunity to take a break and get to a place where you can lie down and stare at the clouds, or the night sky. On a recent vacation, camping in a valley between towering canyons, I was awakened by rumbling, earth shaking noise. I peeked out to see cows on the road being herded by cowboys moving them from one ranch to another. There was a lot of mooing and hoof clicking and the sight of a wrangler with a lasso maneuvering these amazing beasts was simply magical.

That event so stirred me that I got out of bed, ready to be enchanted by whatever was in front of me. And I found more…in the waterfalls, the streams and a hummingbird.

I want to stay open to find magical moments every day. I hope you will too.

Lonely: The Word for August 18th

Lonely, that unwelcome feeling that leaves us feeling empty, left out, unseen and forgotten. These are not the feelings you or I desire to experience. But we will at various times in our life.

Too often we will do whatever we can to avoid these dark intruders. We do this by staying busy, finding people we call, only to discover some are not good friends. What is important to know is that these times will pass. If you find this not to be the case, seek out someone who can help you discover the reasons for your continual loneliness.

Know this, you will be known, for there are people in this world who will see you for who you are. Being seen and known has the power to overcome lonely.

Learn: The Word for August 17th

Learn. Deep down most of us want to learn something every day…gain a new skill, commit something to memory or become aware of something by information or observation.

But truth is…somedays I don’t want to learn anything new. I’d like to stay put…I know what I need…I’m good.

And when I do that…I become stagnant, uninteresting, and uninterested in the world around me.

So I go back to my childlike desire to discover and know that when I’m willing to learn something…from you, by reading, from seeing something I hadn’t paused to examine, by listening…that’s when I grow and flourish and become someone who has something to share. Learn every day…it’s something you’ll never regret.

Intuition: The Word for August 16th

Intuition…the belief that comes with something we sense is about to happen. In today’s #moretolifewithwordgames, Faith reminds us not to ignore intuition, and reminds us: when it doubt, check it out. It is a gift!

Immersed: The Word for August 14th

When you’re immersed in a captivating conversation, or in nature, something rises up inside you. Stay immersed in those things that are life-giving, instead of that which takes us away away from enjoying the fulness of life. Be immersed today in something wonderful!

Gusto: The Word for August 13th

When you’re filled with enjoyment and vigor…gusto springs out. and that enthusiasm is contagious! Find your gusto and see who follows your lead.

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