The Impact of Addiction

Addiction is not the end of the story. We gained so many great insights from our audience in this FB Live. We hope you know that there is hope and you are not alone as you or a loved one face addiction.

The Impact of Aging

How we progress through life impacts our relationships and all we do. Join us as we take your comments on the impact of aging in this FB Live.

The Impact of Rejection and Alienation

Rejection hurts. And there is a way through it, as we discovered with those of you who shared your moments of rejection and what you did to deal with the pain.

The Impact of Facing Death

What is your relationship to death? As a followup to our podcast - we explore how death is central to the meaning of life.

The Impact of Breaking Up – FB Live

Breakups - they hurt. What have you done to manage them? Here's our FB Live conversation, with great input from so many, on how to move through this transition with as much love for yourself as possible.

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