Managing Life in the Coronavirus Era

Faith and Lois explore the uncertainty of all we are experiencing as a result of COVID 19. They share how they are navigating the crisis.  

The Impact of Distraction – FB Live

Distractions hit us on many levels. In this FB live Faith and Lois talk about how to navigate the distractions and embrace them AND how to face other distractions and move beyond them.

The Impact of Words – FB Live

Your words have so much power! In our FB Live today, we open up our podcast by asking ourselves and you what words you feel most deeply. And we wonder if a diet in our words might change up how we relate to those around us....

The Impact of Trauma – Videocast

Trauma can set in when your response to an event or stressful situation exceeds your ability to cope or manage your emotions. Here are the key takeaways from our 72nd podcast. We want you to know, it is possible to heal and feel safe...

The Impact of Silence – Videocast

Silence offers you a break from all the noise, time to reflect and listen. Intentional silence also relieves stress and tension. Join us for a podcast where we explore the scientific benefits to silence. Discover...

The Impact of Shame

Shame plummets you into isolation - until you flip the lie it holds. In this Videocast, we share the highlights of our latest podcast, bringing shame out into the light. And we remind you that you are whole and complete.

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