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We cannot believe how quickly this summer is flying by and we are looking for more opportunities to connect with you. Join us next week for our free workshop, "From Lonely to Enough," AND Thursday evening for a FB live event, "The...

Summer! #thankfulthursday

On this summer solstice, the words of St. Francis of Assisi:
A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.

You Are Not Alone – A Conversation About Suicide

We want to open the conversation about suicide for anyone who has grappled with this issue head on, or faced the aftermath with family or friends. The message we want you to know above all else: You Are Not Alone.  Please join us tomorrow evening. We need your voice.

Unexpected – When Life Doesn’t Turn Out According to Plan

The Unexpected – When Life Doesn’t Turn Out According to Plan is the first of our Summer Series of workshops. And you only have 12 days to register to attend!
We will engage you with our interactive, relational and unique style. And you will walk away knowing that no matter what you are facing, there is More to Life.
We will follow up with two more workshops.
On July 18 – The Lonely: What do I do when I’m feeling lonely? And on August 15 – The Fulcrum:
How a support system can rock your world.
Plan a trip to Denver to join us!


On this #motivationmonday, when you face the unexpected Faith and Lois want you to know there is a way through. Join them for the first workshop of their summer series on June 20th by registering now!


On the heels of our 21st podcast on contentment, we are waking up with energy to face just about anything!


Faith and Lois are so thankful on this Thursday, celebrating their 20th podcast, their weekly and weekend workshops and all this momentum. Onward and upward!


After launching our podcast in January, we held our first workshop last week and the day after recorded this video, so thankful for all the support and anticipating lots of transformation to come, beginning with us!

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