On the heels of our 21st podcast on contentment, we are waking up with energy to face just about anything!


Faith and Lois are so thankful on this Thursday, celebrating their 20th podcast, their weekly and weekend workshops and all this momentum. Onward and upward!


After launching our podcast in January, we held our first workshop last week and the day after recorded this video, so thankful for all the support and anticipating lots of transformation to come, beginning with us!

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If you're in the Denver area on April 19th, join us for our first workshop: How Do You Bring Your Dreams to Life? Faith and Lois are pretty excited!

Day 31: Worthwhile

On our final day of #moretolifewithwordgames, Faith reveals that when we find what is Worthwhile in us, we understand what's worthwhile in the rest of the world.

Day 30: Wholehearted

Giving 100% is the essence of today's #moretolifewithwordgames: Wholehearted. And Lois loves how this word inspires her to go all in!

Day 29: Truthful

Being truthful is what we all strive for, and as Faith describes in our #moretolifewithwordgames, it can become a way of life when we practice being habitual about telling the truth. How will you be truthful today?

Day 28: Stimulating

Remember the last time you had a stimulating conversation? Lois unpacks our word of day in our #moretolifewithwordgames with...

Day 27: Sincerity

On Day 27 of our #moretolifewithwordgames, Faith taps into something we all crave for in our lives: Sincerity. How will you be sincere in your life...

Day 26: Savvy

Are you savvy when it comes to money or family or style? Turns out it's a trait we'd all like to have more of as Lois shares in #moretolifewithwordgames...

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