The Impact of Exclusion – Text

Exclusion is a force that can flatten you. That’s because the part of your brain impacted by physical pain reads exclusion the same way. In our podcast, we look at three stages of exclusion: the initial act, coping and resignation. Then we explore how to shift out of the cycle to open up the chance to learn and grow from the experience. 

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The Impact of Spiritual Growth – Text

How does spiritual growth manifest in your life? You may see it as connection to a higher power, relationship to God, or a new way of thinking. In this podcast, we explore the various ways spiritual growth develops in each of us. We encourage you to be aware of your beliefs, be inspired, listen for that still, small voice and enjoy the journey into a deeper awareness of who you are.

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The Impact of Fear – Text

Fear is often the first obstacle to making any transition in your life. In today’s episode, we explore how to face fear head on, whether it’s triggered by danger, pain or a threat. Real or imagined, we want you to know how to step into fear, face it and overcome it.

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