The Impact of Procrastination – Text

Procrastination. What if you could replace the guilt you burden yourself with when you think of putting something off and embrace procrastination as an emotional state? One that you have the power to change. Pretty cool.

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The Impact of Trauma – Text

72. Trauma can hit you on any level. When your response to an event or stressful situation exceeds your ability to cope or manage your emotions, trauma can set in. Sometimes the ordeal can be dealt with in short order, other times the triggers can show up uninvited for years. We want you to know, it is possible to heal and feel safe again.

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The Impact of Silence – Text

Episode 71. Transition: The Impact of Silence. And silence is something that many of us simply don’t feel comfortable with, Faith. We just, it’s like an itch or something. What is it about silence that is so uncomfortable for people?

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