To-dos. I’ve got that list in my head right now, do you?

To-dos have their place…they help many of us prioritize what we need to do so that other things can fall into place. They offer an outline of how we deal with hours in our day that will hopefully mean we get to do everything we want to do.

I like to think of my to-dos as recipes for my projects. They give me a snapshot of the ingredients I need to assemble so that what I do has flavor and the right seasoning and turns out well. But if I pick a recipe with too many ingredients that I don’t have, filled with directions that are over complicated, I most likely will stop somewhere in the middle and abandon it altogether.

That’s why my to-dos are now manageable so that I feel grounded. So now I can cross off To Dos from my To Do list for Word of the Day. Pretty cool.