What is it about transition that is so unsettling? Some changes in our lives come in due course while others careen into our lives and leave us wondering, ‘what just happened?’ No matter what you’re feeling, it all comes with the territory of change.

We’re going to do our best to tackle every transition you might imagine in this next season of podcasts with humor, experience and camaraderie. Through it all, we want you to know you are not alone, there is always More to Life!

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50. How’s Your Pace During the Holidays?

Setting a pace for the holidays leaves you with time to celebrate this season. Consider what you can do:  plan ahead, don’t over schedule, decide what’s important, eat, sleep and exercise regularly, order online and breathe. Then enjoy! You’ve got this.

49. Traditions: What Do They Mean For You?

Traditions play a major part for many of us during the holidays. How important are they to our celebrations and what happens when they change? Faith and Lois dive into the rituals that connect us with our families and history – and keep memories alive.

48. What Gets You Into The Holiday Season?

May your holiday season be more awesome than ever! Bake some rugelach, hang Christmas lights, listen to music or read your favorite holiday story. We hope it’s a special time of giving to yourself and one another. When you’re enjoying this time, it’s bound to rub off.

47. How Do You Stay Calm At The Table?

Staying calm at the table is easier said than done. If you’re looking for ways to achieve a peaceful Thanksgiving, here are some great ideas. Set your intention, stay out of arguments, be compassionate, use boundaries and listen without interrupting. Then breathe!

46. How Are Your Boundaries?

Healthy boundaries open you up to include as many people and things in your life as you can manage. The limits allow you to care for yourself as you engage with kindness and ask for what you want. You might be surprised how well this works!