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Transition is unsettling.


Some changes come in due course while others careen into our lives and leave us wondering, ‘what just happened?’ No matter what you’re feeling, it all comes with the territory of change.

Our goal is to tackle every transition you might imagine in this next season of podcasts with humor, experience and camaraderie. Through it all, we want you to know you are not alone, there is always More to Life!

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59. The Impact of Losing Your Position

Losing your position is never easy. We tie so much to our professions and to our status. When you face this often unexpected transition, your identity takes a huge hit. As you work through this difficult transition, here are some ideas to keep you in positive frame of mind and help you open doors you never imagined. Click here for a transcript.

58. The Impact of Rage vs. Civility

When someone challenges you, or accuses you, or treats you poorly – do you react or do you respond? In your busy-ness, living in a politically charged climate, it’s not easy to choose to be civil when you are filled with rage. And, you always have an option. Click here for a transcript.

57. The Impact of New Life in the Family

The impact of new life in the family is a monumental transition. You’ll face emotional shifts, physical challenges, a loss of sleep and a change in relationships as you make way for this new life with time, energy and love. How do you embrace ‘you’ve got this’ when everyone has an opinion? Click here for a transcript.

56. The Impact of Injury or Illness

The impact of an injury or illness can be devastating. How do you manage the transition? If you choose to work through what’s happening, find a group to support you and care for yourself, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to cope with the many changes coming your way. Click here for a transcript.