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Faith and Lois

Faith and Lois

We are so inspired following our "From Lonely to Enough" workshop!

Tonight was so good! Full of meat. Your podcasts are awesome! Workshop was so full I’m still chewing on it and using it in my journey. Love you guys. More people need to hear you.


Enjoyed being here. Came tonight to be uplifted and I was/am!


This has been really helpful for me. Discovering more about myself. There are solutions for when I do feel lonely.


This workshop has been helpful with reframing loneliness! Owning that living in the deeper end is loneliness.


I really loved this workshop and I received precious keys tonight. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Our Workshops Are Underway!

Here’s what happened following our first workshop: How Do You Bring Your Dreams to Life?

We just completed a four-week series of breakthroughs AND a weekend breakthrough.

Watch for our latest workshops and breakthroughs coming to you!

How Do You Bring Your Dreams to Life?

The two of you are so genuine and there’s a great balance between education and sharing from participants.


Love this! You are on a great path!


Thanks for your brilliance and allowing me to see I can dream bigger!


Your event was very elegant and the part of the session that related to me most was the inspiration piece!


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