Wisdom: The Word for August 31st


Oh to have the gift of wisdom. And you do! That quality of having experience, knowledge, good judgment…of being wise.

One of the best things about moving through life is that we gain wisdom through our experiences…and if we’re open to learning from new things and going through what some consider mistakes…we are one step closer to gaining wisdom.

So many places we can learn…people we respect, mentors, through reading all sorts of viewpoints. I’ve had to understand that we all fall short at some point, and that is not the end of the story.

Be wise by being humble…know who you are…learn from your mistakes…think…and then share that wisdom.

You’ve got this.

Urgent: The Word for August 30th



Many things in life demand our immediate attention because they are urgent. They cannot be ignored. At work – family – friends – life’s demands.

Yet, we often forget to listen to the urgent messages that rise up within us that are telling us that we aren’t feeling well, our spirits are in a funk, or other factors.

It is urgent that we give ourselves equal attention when it comes to our lives.

Listen and respond the next time you feel that fluttery feeling in your stomach that is saying there is something urgent to deal with concerning yourself.

Unexpected: The Word for August 29th


Oh the unexpected.

Just when I thought everything was going along smoothly down my river of life, a new rock or twig presents itself and creates diversions I didn’t anticipate.

The unexpected often brings disappointment to the forefront…and it can manifest in a number of ways in our mind and body if it goes unchecked. So instead of being weighed down by what I can’t control, I’m learning to see the unexpected as an opportunity. A chance for new possibilities.

Truth is my greatest successful moments have come out of unexpected situations which didn’t seem great at the time, but turned my life around.

As so many great teachers remind me: everything I face is either a blessing or a lesson. I’m going to cling to that when I hit the next pothole in life.

Uncompromising: The Word for August 28th



This word can have a negative meaning to it when we hear it but it also means firm and steadfast.

It is a wonderful value to have to be uncompromising to the things in life that really matter.

How we love, care, show kindness, compassion and our deep convictions. It is important to be uncompromising to things that bring joy, insight, and an added dimension to our lives.

To Do: The Word for August 27th


To-dos. I’ve got that list in my head right now, do you?

To-dos have their place…they help many of us prioritize what we need to do so that other things can fall into place. They offer an outline of how we deal with hours in our day that will hopefully mean we get to do everything we want to do.

I like to think of my to-dos as recipes for my projects. They give me a snapshot of the ingredients I need to assemble so that what I do has flavor and the right seasoning and turns out well. But if I pick a recipe with too many ingredients that I don’t have, filled with directions that are over complicated, I most likely will stop somewhere in the middle and abandon it altogether.

That’s why my to-dos are now manageable so that I feel grounded. So now I can cross off To Dos from my To Do list for Word of the Day. Pretty cool.

Trailblazer: The Word for August 26th



This word is such an inspiration.

It reminds us that each and every day we have a new opportunity to blaze a trail in our relationships, work, creativity, imagination, life itself.

How can we do things differently? What changes in our life will enhance in life?

It may be cutting a path through obstacles or laying out a completely different journey. However we face the day, look for the places where you can blaze your trail.