Faith Donaldson

“I exist!” is my proclamation.  I savor being alive. I staked my claim to this life I was created to live and I’m living it!

The journey that led me to where I am today was not easy and it came with a high price for my numerous ill choices; but my determination . . . my knowing from that deep place inside me, told me there had to be more to who I was, more to life. That voice within led me to the hidden treasure of my true identity.

Freedom, peace, truth and wisdom have followed me on my journey. Each one wove their way into the person I have become. I am grateful and I choose to grow steadily in all that has been made available to me.

I’ve given life to three brilliant daughters who have each carried a unique light into this world. Through them, the light bearers of the next generation, great delight has illuminated my way.

My inestimable husband of thirty-two years is my beloved partner on my journey. He is my beacon of hope and inspiration along the way. He loves me well and I could ask for no greater gift. His goodness and desire to become the person he was created to be has defined our understanding of this truth, “That the two, (individuated human beings), will become as one.”

The outward manifestation of my life has morphed over the years. I encountered detours that benefited me and others that tripped me up; but each experience handed me a teaching filled with richer understanding of who I was becoming.

Creating businesses which some succeeded and others failed; being a parent who excelled and blew it; developing non-profits that changed lives, changed me and required continual attention; reluctantly becoming a therapist only to discover that this was my true calling guiding others seeking their freedom through discovery. Now public speaking excites and renews me and podcasts have become my next adventure.

Living in beautiful Colorado for over forty years is the cherry on top, a dream come true. Having grown up in the mid-west, calling Colorado home proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is more to life . . . and more to come.

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Lois Melkonian

People are my passion…whether they are moving forward or falling backward.

I’m enjoying this precious life more as I pay attention to that which makes me grow. That’s why I’m taking care of myself physically, spiritually and emotionally so that I am available to write and speak and coach.

The more I engage with people, the clearer it becomes that each of us has the answers to our various longings. When we choose to go deeper, we will know what to do. If I feel trapped, I ask myself, ‘what’s blocking you?’ And it’s amazing how a passageway opens up.

Much of my transformation to loving people out loud comes from my husband, who encourages me to speak truth without holding back. As a mother to three adult sons I’m reminded daily that love is the best I can offer and what we need most. And taking on the role of caregiving for my aging parents who passed on to the next life completes the circle.

A naturalized US citizen, I’m the eldest of six to an Armenian father and a Danish mother. Growing up as a third culture kid I learned to adapt to all sorts of foods and faiths and people. Reporting and anchoring on television and radio stations around the country and the world exposed me to misery and hope on an epic scale.

Through every experience, no matter how bleak, there’s been light. Redemption.

When we open up and share our experiences of joy and suffering, we get clarity. The journey we’re on takes place in this very moment where we breathe and question and laugh and cry. And that’s why I know there is so much more to life!

Feel free to contact me with questions about our podcast.

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