64. The Impact of Aging

No matter how old you are, the fear of aging is out there. What if you could change your perspective on aging? To see your life at every stage as something full of possibilities, opportunities and adventure. Our podcast is all about letting you know that with every year, you are getting better. Click here for a transcript.



Transition is unsettling.


Some changes come in due course while others careen into our lives and leave us wondering, ‘what just happened?’ No matter what you’re feeling, it all comes with the territory of change.

Our goal is to tackle every transition you might imagine in this next season of podcasts with humor, experience and camaraderie. Through it all, we want you to know you are not alone, there is always More to Life!

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63. The Impact of Rejection and Alienation

Rejection hurts. You know the pain when a person or group alienates you. That’s why we’re exploring how to face that rejection and decide whether there’s anything you can do about it. Or whether it’s time to leave it behind and embrace the people who do support you. Click here for a transcript.


62. The Impact of Facing Death

Talking about death is hard, it might be one your biggest taboos. Whether death is something you think is far off in the future, or if you’re facing death personally or with someone you love, what would happen if you accepted death before it arrives? Today we explore how death is central to the meaning of life. Click here for a transcript.

61. The Impact of Personal Evolution

Personal evolution takes us on a journey that creates growth and often involves the unknown. Once we make a decision, work through the fear and embrace transformation, we arrive at a new state of being. And then we do it again. And again. It’s all about choice. Click here for a transcript.


60. The Impact of Breaking Up

Breaking up hurts. Whether you’re ending a romantic relationship, leaving a job or parting ways with a community. This transition is loaded with emotion, filled with disappointment over what might have been. When it is time, there are ways to go through this change that can make it more bearable.  Click here for a transcript.