73. The Impact of Procrastination

Procrastination. There’s a good chance saying that word out loud brings up an immediate reaction. What if you could replace the guilt you burden yourself with when you think of putting something off and embrace as it as an emotional state? One that you have the power to change. Wonder how that might change what’s holding you back.  Click here for a transcript.




Transition is unsettling.


Some changes come in due course while others careen into our lives and leave us wondering, ‘what just happened?’ No matter what you’re feeling, it all comes with the territory of change.

Our goal is to tackle every transition you might imagine in this next season of podcasts with humor, experience and camaraderie. You are not alone, there is always More to Life!

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72. The Impact of Trauma

Trauma can hit you on so many levels. Especially when your response to an event or stressful situation exceeds your ability to cope or manage your emotions. In our podcast, we explore how the ordeal can sometimes be dealt with in short order, other times the triggers can show up uninvited for years. We want you to know it is possible to heal and feel safe again. Click here for a transcript.


71. The Impact of Silence

Silence offers you a break from all the noise, time to reflect and listen. Intentional silence also relieves stress and tension. Join us for a podcast where we explore the scientific benefits to silence. Discover how clarity is possible when you stop the noise. This strategy goes beyond your well-being, it works for everyone around you! Click here for a transcript.

70. The Impact of Shame

When you are overwhelmed by shame, you sink into the message that you are not good enough. And you withdraw. So what’s the flip side? How do you connect in the midst of shame? In this podcast we share how to bring shame into the light. We help you identify your triggers. And we explore how you can see yourself as whole and complete. This is the life you want to live.  Click here for a transcript.

69. The Impact of Self-Discipline

Self-discipline means no one has to tell you what to do. As you transition to changing up something in your life, self-discipline is the top trait you’ll need to accomplish what you desire. In our podcast we explore what you want to do differently and how to remove temptations. Then we dive into setting goals and forgiving yourself so you can move forward. Click here for a transcript.