81. The Impact of Family

Family – what does it look like for you? Children depend on their parents and family to protect them and provide for their needs. As you grow, the relationship to your family changes. In our podcast we explore all sorts of family dynamics, how to keep a health family in check and why at its core, we believe the family in your life wants the best for you. Click here for a transcript.



Transition is unsettling.


Some changes come in due course while others careen into our lives and leave us wondering, ‘what just happened?’ No matter what you’re feeling, it all comes with the territory of change.

Our goal is to tackle every transition you might imagine in this next season of podcasts with humor, experience and camaraderie. You are not alone, there is always More to Life!

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79. The Impact of Sexuality

Sexuality is a deep part of human emotional expression – how you connect with yourself and others. It’s about feelings of intimacy, attraction, affection and relationships. In today’s podcast we share a few ideas on how to create space to love yourself, be at peace with your body, face emotional triggers and build intimacy, no matter what your age. Click here for a transcript.

78. The Impact of Exclusion

Exclusion is a force that can flatten you. That’s because the part of your brain impacted by physical pain reads exclusion the same way. In our podcast, we look at three stages of exclusion: the initial act, coping and resignation. Then we explore how to shift out of the cycle to open up the chance to learn and grow from the experience.  Click here for a transcript.

77. The Impact of Distraction

Distractions impact you the most when they divert you from doing the things you really want to do. And sometimes they offer a redirection that is necessary in the moment. In today’s podcast, we encourage you to be aware of what distracts you so you can choose whether it’s a detriment or a signal to refresh something.  Click here for a transcript.

76. The Impact of Words

Words are filled with power. The impact can last a lifetime when you use words that build someone up. Or you can devastate with words that tear down. Instead of throwing words around haphazardly, we explore the force of your words, how to frame them in a positive manner and how to surround yourself with words that affirm you and those in your life. Click here for a transcript.